Best Blender Character Modeling Tutorial for Beginners

Blender is a open source software to make computer graphic and animation. Blender has powerful tools and features provided to create 3D Character Modeling. And, the interface is user friendly, therefore, we can make 3D Character Model easily. Here is to gather some YouTube video for Blender Character Modeling Tutorial, We can learn how to make 3D character from beginner level, and learn how to animate it. Moreover, thanks for these YouTube channel creators who free to share their 3D knowledge and skills. Hope this video helps.

Blender Character Modeling Tutorial for Beginners

1. Darrin Lile

Darrin Lile is a Blender Foundation Certified Trainer. He has full tutorial on making 3D Character Model, that is free available on YouTube. His video is detailing and much of useful tips on character modelling. Below is the 10th video on Character Modeling Tutorial, we can start to view the first video at here.

2. Daniel Kreuter

Here is a very detailing Blender Character Modeling Tutorial for beginners. Daniel Kreuter’s character modeling tutorial series is based on for Blender 3.0, that is included 43 video. They are showing how to create the character step by step, including high poly modeling, retopology, UV mapping, texturing, and so on. We can start the first video from this playlist.

3. Blender

This is official channel from Blender. The first video will go through what the features and tools that we can use for character modeling in Blender. It is also showing process of creating a stylized character using only Blender. And then, if we want to animate the character model, we need to Rigging. The second video has very clear instruction and steps to follow, we can learn how to rigging a 3D model.

4. CG Geek

If you have a character model already and also make Rigging on it. This is a good video to have a quick overall concept how to animate a character. And here is a detail video how to animation 3D characters from CG Geek.

Hope this helps. Let’s play with Blender.
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