How to make a smooth sphere in Blender

Basic for Blender beginner, to understand make an object in 3D shape and make this object smooth. Below steps are showing how to make a smooth sphere in Blender. Most of the spheres are not smooth when you adding it in default because it is in Low Poly, or less mesh. If we want to make a default sphere smooth, we can make the Low Poly Sphere into smooth by following below steps.

How to Make a Smooth Sphere in Blender ( with Shade Smooth )

1. In Object Mode, Add > Mesh > UV Sphere or Ico Sphere

Blender Sphere

2. In the example, the UV Shpere is added, and make sure this sphere is selected

Blender Shader Smooth

3. Select Object > Shade Smooth, then you will got the sphere smooth.

Blender Smooth Sphere Shade

How to Make a Smooth Sphere in Blender ( using Modifier )

1. Same step as the previous, in Object Mode, Add > Mesh > UV Sphere or Ico Sphere

2. Make sure the sphere is selected

3. Go to Editor Type > Modifier Properties > Add Modifier > Subdivision Surface , then you will get the Sphere smooth using Modifier

Blender Modifier Properties
Subdivision Surface Modifier

4. If you want to make this smooth Sphere to be mesh, in the Subdivision Surface Modifier, select Apply.

Apply Modifier in Blender

Blender Timelapse Video

This video show how to make smooth sphere in Blender, watch here,

In addition, if you want to know how to make a Quad Sphere from a cube, please watch this video on YouTube.

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