How to convert webP file in Photoshop

Since February 2022, Adobe Photoshop version 23.2 has fully supported to work with webP file format. We can open, edit, modify, import, export, convert from and to webP file in Photoshop. This is good news for website designer and developer, and Adobe users, because Photoshop is the best converter without additional plugin to save this small file size of file for online uses. Below is a simple demonstration to show converting JPG to webP file. We can see that the file size of webP file is much smaller than JPG. In addition, we can import other file format like as PNG, PSD, TIF, BMP, and then convert into webP file in Photoshop, or open webP file in Photoshop and convert to other image file format. Hope this helps. More Photoshop Tips and Tricks, and Tutorial are available here.

How to convert webP file in Photoshop

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2 thoughts on “How to convert webP file in Photoshop”

  1. alexbeglov1989

    WebP has such a nuance – not all browsers support it. For example, iOS Safari, regular Safari, IE – do not support WebP. Therefore, you must always store at least two versions of each image. Webp (for WebP-enabled browsers) and original image. And give the right version depending on the browser. And the original image must also be optimized/compressed – so that even for browsers without WebP support, images will be optimized (lighter in weight) – this is the third! version of the file.. At the optipic service, I recently noticed a new functionality in which all of this is already in the box. You can even connect everything so that the urls of the images do not change (they remain exactly the same and look like internal urls on my site). But in fact, they are loaded through their system with automatic compression, conversion to webp and recognition of webp support. It turns out that everything is simple and beautiful, and inexpensive))

    1. Yes. you are right! WebP file might has another issue for linking address too. Some website doesn’t support very well for WebP file if using image linking address.

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