How to make a mug in Maya 

This is showing how to make a mug in Maya. This workflow is simple and basic for Maya 3D artist, and is good for beginners to understand how to make 3D modeling, graphic texturing, 3D rendering, and 3D turntable animation, with basic 3D skill. After watching below 5 video, you can have a concept how to make image from 3D mockup for visualize the design and show in still image with theme scene and 360 spinning turntable animation. Hope this helps. 

How to make a mug in Maya 

1. Mug 3D Modeling 

2. UV unwrapping (ready for adding graphic and texture) 

3. Add Graphic design with Photoshop 

4. 3D Rendering with Scene 

5. 360 Turntable Animation – Product Showcase 

Hope this helps. More Maya Tutorials are available here

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