How to make a 3D bottle in Maya

We can use 3D software to make 3D packaging mockup. In this case study, we will go through how to make a beer bottle in Maya, which the 3D bottle can be used for 3D packaging design mockup, and thus to make a 3D rendering image for presentation uses or advertising uses. Below video shows few steps including 3D modeling, 3D Texturing and 3D rendering. This is good for beginners for understanding the workflow. Hope this helps. 

How to make a 3D bottle in Maya, for 3D packaging design mockups

1. Basic 3D modeling 

This video shows how to make 3D modeling of a beer bottle and bottle cap in Maya, start from reference images and finally 3D bottle is made. 

2. Add Graphic Label and Logo onto Bottle 

This video is showing  the quick tips to to add graphic label, logo, decals into 3D objects. 

3. Setup for 3D Rendering 

This video shows how to make a rendering image by setting up a scene. The scene is liking as photo studio setup, including camera, lighting, and backdrop. This is idea of rendering workflow for making 3D packaging mockup image. 

In addition, refer to the second step “adding graphic label and logo onto Bottle”, that is basic way to add label with one texture finishing. Below video shows the advanced texturing workflow to show how  we can make the multiple textures into one label. 

Hope this helps. More Maya Tutorials are available here

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