How to make 3D Packaging Mockup using Software

For the packaging design and graphic design, most of idea are generating in 2D. Some designers may want to to show their 2D graphic design in 3D shape for their presentation. Therefore, 3D software recently is a good tool that visualize the 2D graphic design into 3D Packaging Mockup. Many software can do this 2D to 3D process, like as Maya, 3Ds Max, Cinema 4D, Blender, which Blender is a free software. Below are the steps how the process work from 2D to 3D Mockup. Hope this helps for designers to understand how we can make the 3D mockup using software.

Examples of 3D Packaging Mockup

How to make 3D Packaging Mockup using Software

Below is the example how to make wrapper 2D design into 3D share, and to 3D mockup visualization. Please watch to YouTube video to go through how it works.

1. 3D Shape Modeling & Adding Graphics

2. 3D Rendering

This demostration is in Maya 3D, actually we can use same workflow in other 3D software.
In addition, Adobe had launches a software Dimensions, which is focusing on make 3D packaging Mockup. Adobe Dimensions is a good tool for packaging designer and graphic designer to visualize their design into 3D shape. Below is the workflow how to work with Adobe Dimensions.

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Hope this helps!

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