Blender 3D character modeling step by step

Here is gathered some video for beginners, to understand how to make 3D characters in Blender, which is Blender 3D character modeling step by step. The video shows the basic 3D skills which is essential for beginners, the 3D skills are including 3D modeling, rigging, coloring and texturing. This example are absolute for beginners. It is available to download the free 3D character model in basic low poly shape for practicing Blender. Let’s play with Blender together. Hope this helps!

Blender Character modeling step by step , absolute for beginners

1. Blender 3D Character modeling – Basic shape

This video shows how to make a 3D shape in 3D Blender by using vertices, edges and faces. The 3D shape is simple and basic, it is easy to understand how to make the Character Head, Body, Hands, and Legs.  

2. Blender 3D Character modeling – Add details

We have the basic shape of Character in step 1, then we can add more detailing, as per this example the modeling is in low polygon.  

3. Rigging in Blender

  Similar to the idea about real human, the 3D character model is similar to “skin”. If we would like make it move or action, firstly, we need to add “bone” to the 3D character model. In 3D software, we call this “adding bone” step as rigging. Below is the demonstration to show how to add rigging into 3D character model.    

4. IK Rigging in Blender

  After we “adding bone” – rigging, we have to make it move or let it have motion. This steps is called IK Rigging, it s essential step if you would like to make it move in animation. In this video, it will shows how to add IK rigging to the legs of Character Model.  

5. Color and Texturing – Toon Shader in Blender

  As per the 3D Character model in step 2, the “skin” actually doesn’t have any data about the color and texture. Therefore, in this step we have to add the color into “skin”  of 3D model. This example shows how to add Tone shader in Blender.  

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