How to use Free Material Library Addon in Blender

There is an addon Material Library pre-installed in Blender. There are few options of materials can be used, such as Glass, Brush Metal, Car Paint, Ceramics, Wood, etc. This is good Material Library for Blender users to get the material quickly without complex setting. The below steps shows how can we activate the add-on Material Library VX, and apply material into 3D object.

How to use Material Library VX in Blender

1. On the top menu, click Edit -> Preference

2. The Preference window pop-up as below screenshot shown, and choose Add-Ons in the left column, and then find and click the box “Material: Material Library”, we can type and search to find out this add-on quickly. 

Material Library Addon in Blender

3. Then, go to main screen as below, select an Object, go to “Material Properties” tab and add a New Material. The new “Material Library VX” can be found. We can select an Material in “Sample Materials”, and then clcik ‘Apply to Selected”. Finally, we can apply this material. The soap bubble material is applied as below example.

Free Material Library VX Addon in Blender

Hope this Helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.

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