Best Blender Beginner Tutorial – Blender Guru Donut

Donut! If you are Blender Artist, I believe that you must know Blender Tutorial to make a Donut. This series tutorial is the most viewed Blender Tutorials on YouTube, these are really helpful for beginner to learn Blender. In this series of Blender Donut Tutorial, we can learn the most common technique, like as 3D modeling, modelling, lighting, materials, geometry nodes, rendering, and animation. Blender Guru Official Channel Youtuber, Andrew Price, now has a new updated the Donut tutorial series from Blender 2.8 to Blender 3.0, which is suited for Beginner. Kindly please visit if you are willing to learn or advance your Blender Skill.

Below is Part 1 of Donut Tutorial series in Blender 3.0. Enjoy!

There are more Blender Tutorial on his YouTube Channel – Blender Guru Official.

Blender Guru Tutorial

Have fun with CGI, to make it simple.
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