Blender measurement addon, MeasureIt tutorial

Where is the measure tool in Blender? This is a quick demonstration to show how to activate Blender measurement addon, and how to use MeasureIt in Blender. In this video, it will show how to measure a 3D object with dimensions and show measurement and annotation in Blender. The built-in addon Blender measure tools called MeasurIt. By using this measure tool, we can measure object size, for example measuring the distance between 2 vertices, the edge length, the angle and the area of surface. The measurement is auto updated when you edit the shape of model. 

Blender measurement addon, MeasureIt tutorial

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How to activate MeasureIt Addon in Blender

1. Go to Edit > Preferences
2. Go to Add-ons and search “MeasureIt”
3. Check the box MeasureIt to activate addon
4. Then, we can find MeasureIt Tool in right side panel in viewport.

All steps are shown in above Blender tutorial video, watch above.

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