How to draw Among Us Imposter 3D

These are video tutorial showing How to draw Among Us Imposter 3D, by using 3D software. These steps are basic and fundamental for beginners. In the example, the 3D drawing is using Maya, but we can is the same workflow to draw Among Us 3D in other 3D software such as Blender, 3DsMax, Cinema4D etc. Below 5 steps is the key procedures to create 3D Character animation created. Hope this helps.

How to draw Among Us Imposter 3D

1.  Among Us Imposter 3D Modeling

3D modeling is the process to draw a 3D shape in 3D software, by using vertices, edges and faces. In this example, we can a 2D image for reference, and according the 2D shape to make the 3D object shape.  

Please watch the workflow video of Among Us 3D modeling :

2. Color Texturing

Since we have the 3D model in previous process, but actually it have a 3D shape only, and it has not any color or texture data on 3D model. So, the next is that we need to add the material shader into 3D model. The material shader in general contains color or texture. Color Texturing is the process to adding and positioning the color, graphics, texture onto 3D model. Below workflow is going to show how to add the color into Among Us Impostor 3D model.  

How to add color or texture into Among Us Imposter 3D :

3. Rigging

If you would like to make 3D model moveing, you need a step to add a stucture to 3D model, the step call Rigging. Imagine that is similar to human, 3D model is muscle, rigging is a process to give the skeletons. When you want to have motion movement of 3D model, you need move skeleton.  

How to add Rigging into 3D model :

4. Motion

Motion is the process to motion the skeleton, that is made in previous step Rigging. Like as walking, dancing, jumping, you need to set the keyframe of motion in timeline, to define its motion. Below video is to show how to make Among Us Imposter 3D model walking  

How to make walking cycle to 3D model :

5. Scene Setup

If you are going to make visual animation, the process is essential to setup scene, which is including to setup camera view, light setting, and environment scene setting. Below is a very basic idea to understand how to scene is setup.  

How to setup scene for Among Us 3D :

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