Top 10 Free Amazing Maya Tutorials on YouTube

For all the 3D CG artists and students, you must take some lessons or tutorials to learn 3D CG when you are at beginner stage. There are many Amazing Maya Tutorials that we can found in YouTube to upgrade your skill and knowledge. Below list is not the comparison. However, This is listed out the top 10 Free Maya 3D Tutorial on YouTube for everyone who would like to learn more about 3D modeling, 3D rendering, and CG animation about Maya. I believe that some of 3D tutorial video should benefit to you from beginner stage to advanced stage. Hope that this list of amazing Maya tutorials can give a helps. Moreover, thank you for the contribution of all the creators. 

Top 10 Free Amazing Maya Tutorials on YouTube 

1. Maya Learning Channel

On this channel, there are more than 300 video about Maya 3D tutorials, many area covering including modeling, rigging, animation, FX, rendering, motion graphics, and more. This is the most subscribers at this moment, the article written on 1 Aug 2021.

206K subscribers | 9.6M views

2. 3dEx

Very high quality video and demonstration presentation. This channel covers modeling, texturing, rendering videos in timelapse. Everyone who would like to learn more 3D modeling technique, it is strongly suggested to visit this channel.

155K subscribers | 15.7M views

3. Mike Hermes

I believe that everyone 3D artist who visit YouTube must watch Mike’s video before. So am I. Mike’s tutorial video is well arrangement and well-prepared , that is easy to understand with his vocal explanation. This channel is dedicated to 3D modeling, rigging and animation tutorials.

138K subscribers | 21.2M views

4. Stylized Station

Stylized Station is an attractable channel with beautiful video presentation. Whatever you are game artist, or animation artist, or other 3D CGI artist, you can find useful tutorials from this channel. 
123K subscribers | 5.6M views

5. Game Dev Academy

This channel focus to share on 3D modeling and game development, and shared 50+ video related to Maya Tutorial for beginners, and also share the video about Unreal Engine 4, Autodesk Maya, Substance Painter & Photoshop.

90.5K subscribers | 9.1M views

6. Arvid Schneider

Arvid is going to helping all 3D artists with his tutorials, insights and VFX workflows. Especially the video about skin shader  and hair, these are most views and with helpful vocal description.

54.3K subscribers | 4.1M views

7. Elementza

Elementza has many hard surface modeling tutorials, the modeling process is very clear and easy to understand. Also, you can find many high end product modeling in then channel.

52.9K subscribers | 1.9M views

8. JL Mussi

JL Mussi’s channel is showing many valuable 3D modeling video, you must learn more modeling technique from his video, whatever you are beginner or advanced skilled artist.

49.7K subscribers | 4.1M views

9. TrimitKala

This channel is showing the tutorial about 3D Art, Sculpting, or any kind of creative process. The videos are good for learning and broadening the 3D CGI knowledge.

20.4K subscribers | 1.1M views

10. Josh Antonio

Josh breakdown the 3D process into dedicate piece. You can find specific process in one video. It is very good to watch and follow .

8.12K subscribers | 600K views 

Bottom Line – more amazing Maya tutorials

Here is only listed out the top 10 Maya 3D Tutorial on YouTube, more other video and channel are also high-value to watch and be shared on YouTube. Perhaps other best Maya 3D Tutorial Channel is not listed here. Welcome to share the missing channel in below comment area, let us know there are more valuable 3D tutorial to watch and learn.

Finally, I would like to share my YouTube channel, this is not a good 3D tutorial channel, my channel is aim to record and show my 3D CGI working process. Welcome to support my channel and watch the video. Watch more Maya 3D Tutorial Video. Hope this helps.

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