What is CGI ? Benefits to use CGI technology

What is CGI ? Benefits to use CGI, Computer-generated imagery

What is CGI ? Computer generated imagery (abbreviated as CGI), mainly refers to the image generated by the computer. Nowadays, the use of CGI generally focuses on images generated by computer graphics, and sometimes CGI technology can apply on the images that are actually shots of real objects (AR and VR as you known) . In a broadly explanation, CGI includes real images, but the habitual term refers to images drawn automatically or manually by computer graphics, so it is usually abbreviated as CG.

How does CGI work

CGI is divided into dynamic and static in form of expression. The dynamic is mainly computer animation, movies, games, TV shows and contemporary art; the static is pictures and images, landscape design, architecture and scene design, and print advertisements. These visual images can also be divided into 2D and 3D representations. Because the pattern is drawn by the computer through parameterization, it is easy for the designer to create diversified content, so CGI is mostly used for visual effects.

Many 3D graphics and special effects are mostly called CGI. The reason is that the images produced by the computer are easier and faster to produce and easy to access and modify. It can easily construct the designer’s fictional scenes and characters, or simulate the real scene. Derived composite effects of shooting scenes.

Economic benefits of CGI technology

As far as image or film producers and game developers are concerned, CGI has high economic benefits. For the construction of a visual scene, even if it is only a small detail, in the past it was often designed and created by professionals such as directors, scene designers, artists, etc., which cost a lot of time and money. However, using CGI not only saves costs, it allows to improve the reuse of media materials and reduce the risk of reproducing errors. All visual image parts can be produced by computers or related software. Therefore, in long terms of cost control and product completion, CGI has become the main trend in visual image creation.

Application form of CGI technology

CGI is the result of brain digital synthesis, and is often used in various fields and diversified visual effects, including animation design, video game design, interior design, landscape design, etc. Its output can be used not only in films, animation, TV programs, advertisements and other media, but also in print and print media, and is often used in artistic presentation. The forms of visual images produced by computers are very diverse and can be roughly divided into:

1. Static images and landscapes: including geometric and abstract graphics, as well as the presentation of large-scale landscape images.
2. Architectural scenes: interior design or building exterior design.
3. Anatomical models.
4. Generating cloth and skin images.
5. Interactive simulation and visualization.
6. Computer animation.
7. Virtual worlds.

What is CGI software

Currently widely used CGI software includes:
1. Plane vector drawing: Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Freehand, etc.
2. Plane dot matrix drawing: PhotoShop, FireWorks, Painter, PhotoImpact, etc.
3. 3D Software / Application:MAYA 3DS Max、lightwave、Metaseq、Pixelogic Zbrush、Blender、Google SketchUp etc.

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