Maya Mockups for 3D Graphic Design for Mug

This is a time-lapse Maya tutorial to show how to make 3D mockups with Mug Graphic Design and Theme, which is to render a new Mug Graphics Design Mockup from previous design to a new design, by using Arnold renderer. 3D model can be downloaded at this link, Standard Mug 3D Model Download – 3D Product Animation. In this example, it is to change from Christmas Theme to Mother’s Day Theme. This is quick and simple 3D render demonstration for beginner, for online marketing, to understand there are ways to have a new design idea that can present to your customer.

This video will cover the essential steps of workflow to 3D render and scene setting up.

In the video, firstly, this is the last Design Mockup 3D Rendering that had done previously.
You can find this previous video at this link, How to do 3D Product Rendering Image for advertisement

How to make 3D Mockups with New Graphic Design for Mug in Maya

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