3D Rendering vs Photography, for Product E-commercial

3D Rendering vs Photography, for Product E-commercial Marketing

In the age without computers, when making a car, the shape design was drawn on paper, and then the stylist used clay or wood to turn it into a realistic model. The designer felt the amplitude and feeling of each arc with his hands. This kind of feeling, the product 3D modeling is not comparable. Now a variety of 3D software, 3dsMax, Cinema4D, Maya saves the physical sculpture model link, saving space and a lot of manpower and material resources. Not only that, 3D modeling can also give various materials and lights, simulate complex conditions, and finally render out pictures and animations. But this effect is a bit blunt. Many thoughts that I want to express cannot be written. Below is more about 3D Rendering vs Photography.

The product is modeled and rendered in 3D. Sometimes it is just a simulation before shooting. It is really necessary to show the charm of the product, or to put it out, in the sun, under the sky, and lock the shutter. This is the artistic beauty of the product. .

For cars, perfumes, bags, lipsticks, and clothes can all be presented to consumers by actual shooting . The difference between rendered 3D advertisements and real shot advertisements is not for coolness, but for the urge to buy.

But most e-commerce products model rendering and detail pages. Especially hard products, such as industrial products, electronic products, and metal products, often use modeling and rendering. Because the shooting of hard products will reflect the real environment, it is more troublesome to repair later, basically it is repainting. If you directly model and render, the reflections of metal and glass materials are very clean. On the contrary, soft products, such as fabric sofas and clothes, can reflect the wrinkles, fabrics, craftsmanship, etc., and the shooting saves time and effort than modeling and rendering.

From the perspective of timeliness, rendering has more advantages than photography. Although the rendering of portraits, clothing, and food has great defects, such as automobiles, furniture, home appliances, and electronic products, modeling and rendering are faster and more convenient. Most products are built. The modelling and rendering are done in few days. The planning, props, scenery, and post-photographic retouching in the early stage of the photography are not only the time cost, but also the real money cost. Now the domestic brands of Amazon can be rendered. This is also a trend.

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