Maya 2022 is now available, New Features for reviewing

Maya 2022 is now available, New Features for reviewing

It has been nearly a year and a half since the first version of Maya 2020 was released. Everyone is waiting for the release of Maya 2021. Unexpectedly, 2021 did not wait, and Maya 2022 is coming? !

In the past two days, the editor brushed Maya official website, and on the help page, I saw the official release of “Maya 2022 New Features” page! I was so scared that the editor was shocked, and I quickly compiled for the guest officials what updates you can’t miss in the upcoming Maya 2022 ~

New Features for reviewing in Maya 2022

1. USD plugin for Maya

Maya provides Universal Scene Description (USD) support: Artists can seamlessly combine USD with Maya workflows.

With the support of Universal Scene Description (USD) in Maya, artists can seamlessly combine USD with Maya workflows. Pre-built Maya USD open source plug-ins are provided on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Maya 2022 is compatible with USD in one fell swoop, allowing Maya users to better optimize the Pipeline, and transfer and integrate 3D asset files more flexibly and on a larger scale. If you want to know more about what USD is, how USD is used in first-class visual effects studios, and what problems it solves, you can read the detailed explanation of USD before the rendering of Ruiyun .

2. Python 3

By default, Maya for Windows and Linux will now start in Python 3 mode.

Python 3 is available for all platforms. For Windows and Linux, you can still start Maya in Python 2 mode by following the instructions in the Python section of the updated Maya.

Note: Maya for MacOS can only be started in Python 3 mode. For Maya for macOS, Python 2 is no longer available.

3. Security preferences

You can mark specific commands or plug-in locations in the Preferences window that you want to block when Maya loads commands or plug-ins.

You can mark specific commands or plug-in locations that you want to block when Maya loads commands or plug-ins in the new Security section of Preferences. This is especially useful when you want to receive files from unknown sources and want to protect the integrity of the system.

Whether it’s the sudden “Putian Celebrating” malicious script last year or the suspected “Putian Celebrating” variant virus exposed a few days ago, in addition to infecting Maya scene files, the new variant virus will not even kill the host at a specific time. Spread crazily, raging at will. This update of Maya can effectively ensure that the scene files are not invaded by viruses, which can be said to be a “heart-saving pill” for wide- and small-scale masters. For more popular sciences about ” Fall Days ” and variant viruses, Ruiyun Rendering has also listed for you. Welcome everyone to check.

In addition to these three important updates, Maya 2022 also has the following important new features:

4. Animated ghosting

Using the Ghosting Editor, you can create images that echo the animation, allowing you to visualize the movement and position changes of animated objects over time.

Character source: create a three-dimensional character

5. The build mark of the deformer

Component tags can be used to create named groups independent of nodes to deform geometry, allowing you to modify tag memberships on the fly.

Use component tags to replace groupID nodes that were previously required to transform vertices, and to clean up the Node Editor by eliminating adjustment nodes. Whenever a deformer is created, a component mark node is automatically created, which contains a subset of the selected components.

You can use the Component Tags table (located in the shape node tab of the Attribute Editor) to create and edit component tag memberships. For descriptions of these elements, see Specify component tags for geometry.

6. Bifrost plug-in

Maya 2022 provides Bifrost, which includes new features, performance improvements and bug fixes.

7. Graph editor improvements

The Graph Editor has the following updates and improvements.

1. Peak removal filter used to clean up noise animation data

2. A smoothing filter (Gaussian) that can be used to reduce the “noise” of the curve

3. Preserve Tangent Type: Now used for the added key frame

8. Sweep Mesh

Use the new “Sweep Mesh” function to create meshes from simple curved shapes.

9. Rokoko Motion Library Plugin

With the Rokoko plug-in, you can safely and comfortably drag and drop professionally produced motion capture assets into your scene directly in your own home.

10. Cached playback improvements

Cache playback has been updated to support dynamic nodes and Time Editor.

11. New curing deformer

With the new curing deformer, you can create solid-looking geometric areas on the deformed geometry, so you can define rigid parts of the character’s clothes, such as buttons or belt buckles.

12. OpenColorIO v2

Maya integrates OpenColorIO v2 to achieve first-class color management. OCIO v2 is a complete color management solution, suitable for film production, with an emphasis on visual effects and computer animation.

13. Create VR for Maya

Create VR for Maya is an immersive conceptual design tool that allows artists and designers to start their creative journey directly in a three-dimensional environment.
Arnold for Maya 4.2.1 plug-in

Maya 2022 provides MtoA 4.2.1, which includes new features, performance improvements and bug fixes.

14. Automatic thread cutting type

The new Auto Tangents option in the Graph Editor provides improved algorithms that allow animators to better control and predict results.
Startup experience improvement

1. Faster startup and exit speed and new initial screen
2. New copy preference options
3. Remember the status of the “Output Window”
4. Ability to copy specific preferences from previous installation
5. New initial screen with more information

The above are all new features officially listed in detail by Autodesk, in addition to 6 features are listed succinctly.

1. New features of Maya 2022 devkit
2. New environment variables
3. HUD update to understand the status message of the calculation manager
4. “Time Slider Bookmark” (Time Slider Bookmark) improvements
5. Deformer update
6. HumanIK: “Neck Motion Reduction” setting

From these updated features, it is not difficult to see that Maya 2022 wants to create a more compatible, faster, richer gameplay, and the focus is on a more secure creation platform. At present, Autodesk’s official website has just released the new features of Maya 2022, please visit for more detail.

Thank you for reading. Hope this can help!

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