Campbell Tomato Soup Can Animation – Digital Art inspired by Andy Warhol

Experimental Trial on Digital Art, a CGI showreel. This is a short 3D animation created by using basic 3D skill and animation composited skill. The idea is inspired from the superstar of Pop Art, Andy Warhol, which is trying to translate Pop Art into another platform, 3D Digital Art.

This video is created by the advantages of CGI technology nowadays. The CGI technology provides the another way to create a product image with different camera angles, to setup light effects without photoshoot studio, to create steady 360 tune-table animation of consumer products, and to change the color (flavour) of packaging design , there are more and more benefits and possibilities to use CGI technologies in our digital world.

My Thought : At the moment, everything becomes digital from year 2000 – our photo becomes digital image, our music become digital podcast, our communications becomes digital Apps, what is the next? How will our life becomes digital in the future?

Have fun with CGI, to make it simple. Enjoy~!

Campbell Tomato Soup Can Animation – Digital Art inspired by Andy Warhol

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