What is CGI

What is CGI ? Benefits to use CGI technology

What is CGI ? Computer generated imagery (abbreviated as CGI), mainly refers to the image generated by the computer. Nowadays, the use of CGI generally focuses on images generated by computer graphics, and sometimes CGI technology can apply on the images that are actually shots of real objects (AR and VR as you known)

Maya Aero Smoke Tutorial

Maya Aero Smoke Tutorial using Bifrost, for Maya beginner

This is a time-lapse Maya Aero tutorial to show how to create Smoke Effect with FX Simulation with Bifrost . This is quick and simple 3D VFX Bifrost tutorial for Maya beginner. This video will cover the essential steps of workflow to quickly setup a Maya aero smoke simulation and render with Arnold ai Volume …

Photorealistic Product Rendering

5 Essential Steps to make Photorealistic Product Rendering in 3D

3D Product Rendering is the visualization of consumer product, mostly used for promotional images and illustrations. It is widely popular among marketers, as it allows them to test the product before production and optimize the business processes. 3D Rendering is the process of turning 3D models into 2D images using computer graphics software. This process is used in various industries, including architecture, product design, and scientific research. Here is the 5 essential steps to create 3D Photorealistic Product Rendering, that every 3D artist must know this.

How to make a Lego Man in Maya

How to make a Lego Man in Maya

This is a timelapse tutorial to show how to make to make a Lego man in Maya, which the video go through the simple 3D modeling of Lego Minifigure from 2D Technical Drawing. The 3D modeling is not only applying in Autodesk Maya, but also the steps and technique can be applied in 3ds Max or blender.