How to make Among Us walk cycle

How to make Among Us walk cycle

This is a time-lapse tutorial to show how to make Among Us Walk Cycle in simple for 3D animation, and set the walking animation frames. In this video, Red Imposter is used to be rigged. It show to steps at beginner level. This is quick and simple 3 minutes 3D animation tutorial for beginner.

Digital Art – Campbell Tomato Soup Can inspired by Andy Warhol – 3D CG Animation

Experimental Trial on Digital Art, a CGI showreel. This is a short 3D animation created by using basic 3D skill and animation composited skill. The idea is inspired from the superstar of Pop Art, Andy Warhol. It is trying to translate Pop Art into another platform, 3D Digital Art. This video is created by the …

How to Create Simple 3D Animation of Soup Can with Wrapping Label

 This is a time-lapse tutorial to show how to create a simple 3D animation of Campbell’s Soup Can with wrapping Labe in Autodesk Maya. It shows the basic steps to set the time frame of motion. And, the scene is applied by the HDRI image for Ai Skydome Light. This video is quick and simple …

how to make a can in maya

How to make a soup can in Maya

This is a time-lapse tutorial to show how to make 3D model of Campbell’s Soup Can from reference image of Actual Product in Autodesk Maya. And also using the Bend deformer to wrap the label without complex UV map technique.

maya vs blender

Maya vs 3ds Max vs Blender , 3D Software Compared

Maya is an Autodesk product, originally designed only for animation and texture. Additional functions for modeling were later added to the software. When setting keyframes and using curves, I usually prefer Maya’s toolset. 3Ds Max is also a product of AutoDesk, but it is more suitable for modeling, architecture design, engineering and construction. Although Max allows animation, it is best for materials and rendering because it allows easy access to material settings. Blender was developed by Foundation.