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Blender Quick Fluid

Blender Quick Fluid – How to turn object into Fluid

Quick video to show how to use Blender Quick Fluid, we can know how to turn object into fluid in this tutorial. We can apply the Quick Fluid, and we can fine adjustment on the Fluid setting to achieve the simulation result as we want. Finally, bake the fluid and convert it into mesh, to get the animation motion of liquid simulation.

realistic water in Maya

How to make realistic water in Maya

Here is gather some free tutorial on YouTube Channel, that show how to make realistic water in Maya. There are free plug-in, Bifrost, embedded in Maya. Bifrost is powerful tool for water simulation by using particles system. Most of the physic simulation can also apply together.

How to create Maya water splash animation using Bifrost

This is a timelapse video to record how to use a software to create Maya water splash animation by using Bifrost. This is a simple drop test to using 3D object , a slice of Lemon, that drop it into a glass of water, and then it impact with water surface to get the water splash.