maya water droplets

How to make Water Droplets on Surface in Maya 3D

This is a time-lapse video to show how to make water droplets on Surface in Maya with Arnold. This case study is to use a Metallic Soft Drink Can (Beverage Can, 330ml), and make Condensation Water Droplets on this Drink Canby using displacement map with Arnold render in Autodesk Maya, and which using water shader in Default Arnold Standard Shader.

how to do 3d product rendering

How to do 3D Product Rendering Image for advertisement

This is a timelapse video showing how to do 3D Product Rendering Image with simple scene setting by using Arnold which is plug-in of Autodesk Maya. This is a quick trial test of Arnold render, and a simple demonstration to show the steps of camera settings, lighting settings, scene settings, and create the bump map in Photoshop, this skill and technique is for beginner to understand in this tutorial.