Blender Clay Render

What is Clay Render? How to make Clay Render in Blender

Clay Render, or Grey Box Render is a 3D working process that can be done in 3D rendering software, for example Blender, Maya, 3ds Max. If you have seen the procedure of creating 3D rendering or animation, you might notice that the first step is to building 3D wireframe, and then adding the color, texture, material, shader into those 3D wireframe. After that, we need to create camera view, lighting effect, and scene to render an image.  

How to draw Among Us Imposter 3D

How to draw Among Us Imposter 3D

These are video tutorial showing how to draw Among Us Imposter 3D, by using 3D software. These steps are basic and fundamental for beginners. In the example, the 3D drawing is using Maya, but we can is the same workflow to draw Among Us 3D in other 3D software such as Blender, 3DsMax, Cinema4D etc.

Lighting and Rendering in Maya

Lighting and Rendering in Maya | 3D product rendering

This is a Maya lighting and rendering tutorial to show how to create Glass Bottle 3D Product Rendering, case study in Heineken Beer Bottle, simulate lighting and scene setup with photo studio. This is quick and simple demonstration the show the idea how the light and scene setup that similar to photography studio.

Photorealistic Product Rendering

5 Essential Steps to make Photorealistic Product Rendering in 3D

3D Product Rendering is the visualization of consumer product, mostly used for promotional images and illustrations. It is widely popular among marketers, as it allows them to test the product before production and optimize the business processes. 3D Rendering is the process of turning 3D models into 2D images using computer graphics software. This process is used in various industries, including architecture, product design, and scientific research. Here is the 5 essential steps to create 3D Photorealistic Product Rendering, that every 3D artist must know this.