How to use Blender Texture Paint – Painting an Easter Egg

This is a timelapse video to show how to paint an Easter Egg using Blender Texture Painting 3.0. This is interesting workflow to paint a color and texture directly on 3D object and 2D color map. Also this video will go thought how to make bump map texture from multiple colors to grey tone colors …

Best Blender Tutorials

10 Best Blender Tutorials on YouTube

For all the 3D CGI artists and students, you must take some lessons or tutorials to learn 3D CGI when you are at beginner stage. There are many valuable video that we can found in YouTube to upgrade your skill and knowledge. This is listed out the top 10 Free Blender 3D Tutorial on YouTube for everyone who would like to learn more about Blender 3D software.

Blender Metal Material

How to Make Blender Metal Material Shader with Texture

This is a tutorial video to show how to make Blender Metal Material shader with Texture, which is good for Eevee and Cycles Renderer. There are 6 types of metal materials included silver, gold, metallic rose gold, cast iron, hammered copper and brushed titanium, and the second part of video will show how to setting up a simple scene for Metal Material Rendering.

Blender Metal Texture

How to make Blender Metal Texture Material Shader in Simple

This is a video to show how to make Blender Metal Texture using Principled BSDF with Procedural Texture Node, these metal texture can be used for both Eevee and Cycles Renderer. Firstly in this video, we will use a ring 3D model as a Jewellery, which follow the rendering setting in the last video, to go through how to adding Metal Texture Material Shader in Blender.