Adobe Dimension tutorial

Adobe Dimension tutorial – How to make 3D Design Mockup

This is a Adobe Dimension tutorial to show the workflow of creating design mockup or design visualization of graphic design, packaging design, product design in 3D Adobe software, Dimension. When you have own design idea, you can custom-made 3D model by using 3D software, and export and import into Adobe Dimension, and then setup the scene for photorealistic rendering.

Lighting and Rendering in Maya

Lighting and Rendering in Maya | 3D product rendering

This is a Maya lighting and rendering tutorial to show how to create Glass Bottle 3D Product Rendering, case study in Heineken Beer Bottle, simulate lighting and scene setup with photo studio. This is quick and simple demonstration the show the idea how the light and scene setup that similar to photography studio.

Benefits of AR VR in Business

Benefits of AR, VR, 3D CG in Business

It’s like today’s retailers can provide customers with augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and 3D experiences to help customers understand the changes in their products during the purchase process. Below are Benefits of AR, VR, 3D CG in Business.

What is CGI

What is CGI ? Benefits to use CGI technology

What is CGI ? Computer generated imagery (abbreviated as CGI), mainly refers to the image generated by the computer. Nowadays, the use of CGI generally focuses on images generated by computer graphics, and sometimes CGI technology can apply on the images that are actually shots of real objects (AR and VR as you known)